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Happily inscribe messages on artillery shells. . . .
Jewish children autograph artillery shells
Again. . . .
and again. . . .
Tell me again how Israel "has a right to defend itself?"
In case you hadn't noticed, these are DEAD CHILDREN! Not "terrorists." When will my Christian brothers and sisters realize that so-called "state" of Israel has absolutely NOTHING to do with the PEOPLE "Israel" of the Bible?Does this look like something "God's Chosen" would do? Of course not. That's because the people of the so-called "state" of Israel are not "God's Chosen" but rather the spawn of satan. Jesus Christ Himself told them they are "of their father the devil" in The Gospel (JOHN 8:42-47").


how it comes ?!!!!

Israel targets children & women in civilian neighborhod in Qana and wants the world to blame Hizbuallah on its insane war crime .
the whole world must stop Israel . the colonist of Israel is the monster which US support with money and weapons untill it threatens the international peace & security . and it will threaten the US itself soon . so say no to Israel now before it's too late .


Hunker Down With History

Hunker Down With HistoryBy Richard CohenTuesday, July 18, 2006; Page A19The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake. It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now. Israel fights Hezbollah in the north and Hamas in the south, but its most formidable enemy is history itself.
افتتح المعلِّق الأمريكي ريتشارد كوهن مقالَه في صحيفة الواشنطن بوست (18/7/2006م)بالعبارة التالية: "إن أكبر خطأ يمكن لإسرائيل أن ترتكبه في هذه اللحظة أن تنسى أن إسرائيل نفسها غلطةهذا ما قاله الكاتب الامريكي , الغريب في الامر اننا كأمة عربية نرتكب نفس الخطأ و ننسى ان اسرائيل غلطة و يجب تصحيحها و انها تعيش و تفرض وجودها فرضا علينا بقوة السلاح و انها على مدار 50 عاما من تاريخها القصير جدا و الممتلئ بالحروب و العدوان على جيرانها ؛ لم تظهر بادرة واحدة تبرز حرصها على التعايش بسلام مع جيرانها وانما مجزرة تلو المجزرة و عدوان تلو العدوان ؛ لذلك يجب الا ننسى ان اسرائيل باعتراف كاتب امريكي غلطة و انا اضيف جريمة تاريخية و انسانية غير مسبوقة


say no to evil !!


pity the innocent for God sake !!

the second Qana massacre

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